What are Selarón’s Steps would you ask ?!?
O que é a escadaria Selarón, voce me pergunta ?!?
Qu’est-ce que l’Escalier Selarón tu te demandes ?!?



Selaron’s steps are located in Lapa, a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro but like most of the poor areas of this city, they are the most interesting in term of colours and street arts. The Escadaria Selarón are 250 steps covered of over 2000 tiles. Jorge Selarón started this piece of art in 1990. He died in 2013 without totally achieving his work.

A escadaria Selarón esta localizada na Lapa, bairro típico do Rio, cheio de cantinhos coloridos e interessantes decorados pela arte de rua. A escadaria é sem duvida, uma obra prima, com seus 250 degraus cobertos com mais de 2.000 cacos de cerâmica. Jorge Selaron começou esse incrível trabalho em 1990 e morreu em 2013 sem ter terminado totalmente seu trabalho.

L’Escalier Selarón se trouve a Lapa, un quartier plutôt pauvre de Rio, mais non moins intéressant en terme d’Art et de couleurs. Ces escaliers se composent de 250 marches recouvrent de plus de 2000 carreaux de carrelage. Jorge Selarón, artiste Chilien, commença son œuvre en 1990. Il mourut en 2013 avant de pouvoir entièrement terminer son travail.



To create my ”tourist” outfit I just have 2 criteria: it has to be comfortable and not warm since I am going walk around the city for hours and today the temperature is more than 30 degrees.

Na hora de escolher meus looks para “turistar”, eu uso 2 critérios: tem que ser confortável e fresquinho, uma vez que ando pela cidade por horas e a temperatura esta sempre por volta de 30 graus.

Avec plus de 30 degrés et un programme de marche chargé autour de la ville, ma tenue ”touristique” a 2 critères: être confortable et léger.



So a pair of denim jeans, a sleeveless and some leather Converse will be perfect. And as a good tourist I need a good backpack; what better than my leather brown one that match perfectly my Converse !!!

Uma bermuda jeans e regata com tênis converse esta perfeito. E como todo bom turista, preciso de uma mochila, então nada melhor do que esse novo modelo em couro marrom para combinar com o tênis !!!

J’ai donc opté pour un short en jeans, un debardeur et une paire de Converse en cuir. Et comme tout bon touriste, il me faut un bon sac a dos. J’ai donc choisi un sac en cuir marron pour faire paire avec mecs chaussures !!!




My Kool tip
Don’t hesitate to go to the top of the steps as most tourists stay at the bottom of them. You will discover a nice Brazilian flag.

Não deixe de ir até o topo da escadaria, já que a maioria dos turistas se aglomenara nos primeiros degraus. Você vai descobrir também uma bandeira brasileira bem bacana.

N’hésite pas a gravir les 250 marches car la plupart des touristes ne vont pas plus haut que les 2 premiers paliers. Tu y découvriras un magnifique drapeau Brésilien en mosaïques.




Sunglasses: ZeroUV – Sleeveless: H&M – Denim Shorts: Dopping Jeans – Shoes: Converse – Backpack: Ogochi


How could you wear your black leather jacket differently would you ask ?!?

I wanted to use my leather jacket for a different silhouette.
Here is what I though about.



The look is pretty simple, black jeans, black tie and white shirt, white shoes. Black and White always look awesome, don’ t you think ?!?



If you are wearing a fitted jacket like me, be sure to wear slim jeans and a skinny tie to continue the slim line. My favorite part of this outfit is the pair of white leather Converse. They match the white shirt and look really Kool.



Kool Tip:
I am wearing a pair of waxed denim jeans as a reminder of the leather of the jacket. I love them.



Why colorful Pants would you ask ?!?

Color Pants2


Always wearing classic denim is borring, just like always wearing the same color of pants.
When I always say that you can never be wrong with black, let’s be honest, colorful pants are pretty dope. That’s why I love wearing them.

Color Pants


Suit pants, chino or even jeans, as long as they are colorful, there is no bad option.
They are kool, fresh and definetely stylish.

A cololorful pair of pants is like any other peace of cloth; if you don’t feel confident wearing it, you will not look good. The trick is to start small. A beige or a blue pair of slacks is a good start. Then from there, go crazy. Pink, mustard, red, brick … there is no limit !!!


My Kool tip
I really like showing a little bit of the ankle. So like you can see on most of my styles, cuff or roll up your pants, it brings a Kool touch …

Color Pants3



Why am I hypnotized would you ask ?!?

Since couple weeks, I cannot spend a day without listening to this glamorous or should I say hypnotizing electro-pop hit.
In April, Yanis, a 26 years old French singer/songwriter, released “Hypnotized”. It is his first song as an Independent Producer and what a song !!!


unnamed (1)

If the song is very unique, the clip is very original too.
A group people (including Yanis himself) are dancing listening to ”Hypnotized”.
But the originality about this video clip comes from the fact that the dancers are really hypnotized !!!

Watch and enjoy …

My Kool Tip
Listen to this song right before going to bed and you will sleep like a baby …



Why do I love wearing Tank Tops so much you would ask ?!?

They are so comfortable and definitely super trendy. During hot days, what better top a man could wear?
But I am not talking about the Sleeveless Grandpa was wearing as an under-shirt (btw don’t use under-shirt please, it is really an abomination !!!), I am talking about the Gansgsta style (long and baggy). Trust me, tight sleeveless are definitely not hot (unless you look like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson).

Tank Top2


And while I am talking about the style, I always say that black and white always look good. But don’t be afraid to go crazy when you pick the color of your Tank Tee. Pink, blue, green or even fluo are definitely amazing colors for this type of top.

Tank Top1


The last good thing about this piece of cloth is that I don’t only wear it casually. I love wearing it as a more dressed-up style too. With a blazer and a pair of jeans it looks really Kool.


My Kool tip:
When you pick your Sleeveless; be sure that the neck goes low. It’s sexier and look better with a Kool necklace…


Tank Top