Madame Kool: Nicole Bernardes, brazilian

I’ve always been passionate about fashion. After working as a model for 10 years, I knew I wanted to stay in this wonderful World. But wearing clothes was not enough. I wanted to have a voice and share my personal style and lifestyle with the world.

That’s why in 2009, I decided to create my first blog: ‘’O Fantastico Mundo de Nicole’’. Initially, this blog was only a fashion diary. But with time, it became more than a hobby until it turned into my full time occupation. This passion motivated me to go to NYC to study fashion at FIT.

In 2015, after almost 2 years in this incredible city, I’m back to Brazil and I did not come back alone. I brought back not only amazing experiences but a diploma and a stylish French husband; Sylvain a.k.a Monsieur Kool. And of course we both share the same passion for fashion!

That’s why we decided to open a Male section in my blog, so he could write for all the trendy men that want to get inspired by our posts. ‘’O Fantastico Mundo de Nicole’’ is now ‘’KOOL KOUPLE’’, a space where we’ll share not only our style, but also Kool tips about anything that amazes our eyes.

Monsieur Kool : Sylvain, French

After living my childhood in France, 2 years in Hong Kong and 5 years in New York, I now live in Brazil with my wife Nicole Bernardes.

As a World Traveler, passionate about Fashion, I am inspired by what surrounds me. I blend different styles hopping to inspire worldwide men wardrobe. From the Suit to the Beach Outfit, I like to wear every style.

Because your style shows who you are !!!


United by our love for Fashion and for each other, we are a Brazilian/French Kool Kouple documenting trends, trips, lifestyle and any Kool things we encounter in our journey.

Bon Voyage !!!

Nicole & Sylvain